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No pressure ficathon

acciochocolate recently asked a question that I'd already been pondering, which guest star characters appeared on the show that you would have liked to have seen continue as Companions? When I saw how many other people had spent time thinking about this issue, I immediately thought "ficathon!" And so the community was born.

Post a comment to this post claiming your favorite non-Companion. You'll have eight weeks from the moment your name goes on the list to produce a story or a piece of fanart showing an alternate reality in which your non-Companion travelled with the Doctor*. If you can't pull it together within that time frame, no worries, but you will lose your exclusive claim on said character. Further rules, none of which are difficult, can be seen here.

* It is preferable though certainly not required that your non-Companion travel with the Doctor s/he met canonically. For instance, it would be nice to see Duggan travelling with the Fourth Doctor, not the Tenth.


Will Chandler from "The Awakening" -- ianthekid (03-13-07)
Chela from "Snakedance" -- pallasathene87 (03-07-07)
Duggan from "City of Death" -- lizbee (03-07-07)
Jane Hampden from "The Awakening" -- meegat (03-05-07)
Mrs. Moore from "Return of the Cybermen" -- cryptile (03-10-07)
Pex from "Paradise Towers" -- jedi_penguin (03-05-07)
Zach and Ida from "Satan's Pit" -- doyle_sb4 (03-05-07)
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YAY. Am I first??

Okay - I'm going to take the Fifth Doctor..and Jane Hampden from "The Awakening".

It'll give me an excuse to watch it again...
You are first, and Jane Hampden is yours! *excited grin*

It'll give me an excuse to watch it again...

Oh, the hardship!
*ponders hard* I'm torn between Duggan and Zach'n'Ida from The Satan Pit. The latter mostly because I've come to accept nobody is going to write me Ten/Zach/Ida and I'll have to do it myself...
Zach-n-Ida it is! Thanks for signing up! *twirls you*
*twirls* I need to finish a way-overdue Hex&Ace fic for another ficathon first, but then I'm all yours...
Pex from "Paradise Towers" is all mine!
*claims Duggan*
Hurray! *twirls you* And Duggan is all yours.
...Aw, what the hell. I claim Chela from "Snakedance". It remains to be seen whether or not it turns out a little slashy, because that's totally the first thing I thought of when they started interacting. *sheepish* Because I'm a naughty, naughty girl.

But yes. Chela-'cause-he's-pretty.
Excellent! Pretty Chela is all yours, to use as you like. *grin*

(I am remembering correctly, aren't I? Chela was the spoiled Governor's son, the one who wore all the make up? He was pretty!)
Yay~ But no. Spoiled son was named Lon. (or some variation on the spelling) Pretty Chela was the assistant to the archaeologist Ambril, the one with the short curly hair and the dressrobe and the high collar.

Lon was pretty damn gorgeous too, though. I liked him a lot, I'm just not sure how well even Five would put up with him. *laughs* He's a BRAT.
Huh. I had completely forgotten Chela, but now that you mention it, he was pretty useful. I can see it.

Lon was pretty damn gorgeous too, though. I liked him a lot, I'm just not sure how well even Five would put up with him. *laughs* He's a BRAT.

*laughing* That was my thought as well, but I was quite willing to be convinced otherwise!
...Hmm. Now I'm further tempted...*grins* I'll see how the one with Chela goes, and if I can get that done to my satisfaction, maybe I'll try a fic with Lon. It'd be more of a challenge, but it would be interesting. Because of the complete bratiness. It would allow the Doctor to snark more? (And Five needs to snark. X3 I like when he snarks.)
Mrs. Moore pleez! (RotC, AoS) Yayz!
She's yours! Double yayz!
Arrgh. Story got longer and moving apartments mucked me up royal. I'll try to finish it at some point but relinquish claim in the meantime. Sorry :(