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companionables's Journal

Companions that never travelled with the Doctor
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The Doctor travels with a lot of cool people, but he also MEETS a lot of cool people. Guest characters are often developed nearly as well as the Doctor's companions, and some of them would clearly have excelled on the Tardis. This is place for the almost-companions, the ones that could have been companions if the Doctor had just asked them. Because could'a-beens deserve love too.

Just a few ground rules:

1. companionables is open to het, slash and gen. Old School, New School, and non-telly characters are all welcome. Please be tolerant of all viewpoints.

2. Both fic and art submissions are welcomed. There is no minimum word count or art size. If it features a non-Companion, we'd love to see it.

3. All ratings/ pairings/ warnings must be provided in the header. Everyone should know what they'll be clicking on beforehand. And while we're on the subject, lj-cuts are everyone's friend.

4. Betas are love. Just saying.

5. You have eight weeks from the moment you claim a character to produce your fic or fanart. There are no reprecussions for failing to produce something, but you will lose your claimed character.

6. You're welcome to claim as many characters as you like, but only one at a time. You must fulfill your first claim before you claim a second character.


happyfists, because Duggan SO should have been a Companion!